Ore Boat Models

Ore boat models are based upon specific boats that carried raw
iron ore and sometimes even other cargo (like limestone) on the
Great Lakes. The St. Lawrence Seaway made it possible for them
to also work along the river, and to meet ships out at the
Atlantic ocean. Ore boats were, for the most part, not meant for
sea voyages, however, and were mainly used only as cargo
carriers. But there are some ore boat models that portray
ocean-going ore boats. These boats are an important part of the
industrial history of the United States, and ore boat models can
add to any collection of more modern historical vessels.

One of the greatest assets of ore boats was their long, flat
shape. Ore boat models can help one clearly see how these boats
could carry large amounts of heavy ore. Much of the time these
boats were used to ship the ore right to the complex where the
raw materials would be transformed into workable form for
railroads, tools, machines, parts, and even more boats. These
boats were workhorses, and while they did work other rivers and
areas, they were especially prominent in the Great Lakes of the
United States and Canada.

Ore boat models come in different types. The model boat kits for
building ore boat models can come in plastic, or with metal and
resin parts. It is also possible to construct them using wood
and just the right kind of paint to give them a metallic look.
These boats were mechanized, and so a model boat will not come
with sails. However, it is possible to build ore boat models
that come with motors and that can be remote controlled on a
nearby pond.

Ore boat models are ideal for collectors and/or model builders
who like more modern ships and boats, or for those who are
trying to collect models in a manner that allows them to
illustrate a timeline of cargo ships. They are also ideal for
collectors who are interested in the vessels common to the Great
Lakes. These models make great gifts for anyone who is an avid
model hobbyist and looking to add to a collection of American
industrial history. When choosing what ore boat models to give
as gifts, however, it is also important to understand what
materials the recipient prefers to work with. For most
beginners, “plastic snap together” models may be best. For
the more advanced, metal and resin parts, some of which may need to
be painted, can provide a satisfying challenge.

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